Upright Drill Jig Suggestions?

What kind of a jig can you suggest to hold a square column upright to drill a perfectly perpendicular hole with the drill press?

Rob Johnstone: Hmm, the term perfectly is giving me pause. Another question that comes to mind is how deep are you drilling? In any case, most drill press tables adjust easily in one axis (I think of it as side-to-side). The challenge is adjusting the front to back if that is required. As for a useful jig, a simple plywood platform with a “tallish” fence should do the trick, just be sure your fence is dead at 90. Adjust the drill press table square to the bit on the side-to-side axis then you can shim the platform fore-and-aft to get the fence aligned with the drill bit. Clamp the column to the fence and you are ready to bore away!

Michael Dresdner: Let me add one word of warning. If you are drilling into end grain, there is a good chance the bit will drift, especially on long holes and in certain woods. I’ve found this to be true with both brad point and taper point drills, though less so with Forstner bits.

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