VIDEO: Straight-line Ripping with a Track Saw

VIDEO: Straight-line Ripping with a Track Saw

Cutting up sheet goods may be your track saw’s main task, but it has another practical use for solid wood.

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Tool: Triton TTS 1400 Track Saw

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  • Michael Poulin

    Using my track saw to straighten the first side of seriously curved lumber is far superior to the jointer and much quicker.

  • Colin Scowen

    And with a little thought, woodworkers who have neither the space or budget for a table saw or a mitre saw, can make their own track from scraps (a straight edge, a router, some stock to match the groove on the bottom of the saw), and then use that to make more jigs that can be used for all sorts of things.
    I have made jigs to use my track saw for compound mitre,thin strip ripping (I got my DeWalt to consistently rip 5mm thick slices off a 2 by 4), or even as a poor man’s radial arm saw. (The main limitation is not being able to fit a dado blade..).

    (I also made a rail with an adjustable side fence after watching the video showing how to use a plunge saw to take the lid off of a box)

    Saves space and money.