Issue 100

Issue 100

Summertime and the Woodworking’s Easy

Rob-Portrait351I know, since I’ve heard it from a lot of you, that many of our 260,000 plus eZine readers live in different climes. But, here in Minnesota, this week marks the beginning of what we’ve traditionally thought of as “summer.” The next three months are prime time for vacations at the lake cabin, fishing in the trout stream … and woodworking in the garage without worrying about losing any digits to frostbite.

There is no such thing as a “vacation” from such an enjoyable hobby…you can always find an exhibit somehow related to woodworking at the museums you pass on your travels, and even the road trips with the kids provide an opportunity for coming up with dream projects while you ignore “are we there yet” comments from the back seat.

And, of course, your eZine will keep bringing you new stories of tools to dream upon, too. What better use for a summer sky than to wish upon a star….I wish I may/I wish I might/get a whole new shop tonight…


— Rob Johnstone, editor: Woodworker’s Journal

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Q & A

  • Dealing with Exterior Rot

    A painted turned support post on my covered porch is starting to rot at the base. Other than removing the post, can you recommend a method of repairing the rot?

  • Finish for a Workbench

    I’m not going to stain my workbench. I would like to have either a high polish oil look or glossy surface. What’s best for a cabinetmaking workbench?

  • Mounting Drill Press Chuck

    I’ve been attempting to mount a standard Jacobs chuck on the tapered spindle of my drill press. But every time I put stress on the chuck, both chuck and bit come free of the spindle.

  • Re-sawing Wood Without a Band Saw

    I’m considering an Irwin handsaw because it seems like its thin blade would make it easier to slice through wood. Is my assumption about thinness correct?


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