Issue 226

Issue 226

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  • Lumber a Go-Go

    There is an entire wall (plus another corner) of my shop that is just covered up with piles of lumber. I moved into this woodshop a year and a half ago, and one of my first thoughts was “I need to build a lumber rack right away…” Did I mention that lumber is still lying all over in my shop?

  • Polyethylene for Miter Guides

    Can I use UHMW polyethylene stock in the appropriate thickness for miter guides to screw to the bottom of homemade crosscut sleds and the like?

  • Blind Woodworkers, Puzzling Comments

    Back in March, we changed the appearance of the eZine, hoping to make it more pleasant for all to enjoy and navigate. Unfortunately, it made things harder for one group. Below is a short exchange of letters between Matt Becker, our content coordinator, and one of our readers who happens to be a blind woodworker.

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