Issue 80

Issue 80

Working to a Deadline

Rob-Portrait351My son is getting married on the 29th of August … and so I’m working on my house like a madman! For some reason … it may be genetic … I don’t seem to be able to get anything done without a deadline. And so, while I’ve known about the tasks I’ve needed to get done on my house (a built-in cabinet in the bathroom the most pressing project) since last winter, I started on them just a couple of weekends ago, and have been working through the only heat wave of the year. (Let me tell you, we Northern boys turn into a puddle of goo when temperatures get above 90°.) With luck, I’ll have everything buttoned up in the bathroom before I am putting the studs into my tux, but my family has its doubts.

For that reason, I would like to ask you all a question. You see, I don’t think this is a situation that is specific only to me. I think there are other woodworkers and builders who need a deadline to get in gear. What about you? Send me your tales of last-minute construction … I know they are out there. We’ll put the best of your stories on our Readers Response page and, just to spice things up, we’ll put all of the writers’ electronic names into an online hat and draw a winner. (Prize to be determined later.) Don’t hold back now: we are all waiting.

— Rob Johnstone, editor: Woodworker’s Journal

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Q & A

  • Adjustable Output Table

    Why is the output table on a jointer adjustable? The answer to a rather straightforward jointer question turns out to be equally practical and creative.

  • Gluing vs. Nailing Floor Boards

    We are currently building a new home and will be installing a wide plank antique beech floor – the boards vary in width from 8″ to 14″. Would it be better to glue or nail the floor down?

  • Left Tilt Safety

    I use mitered corners on my boxes and I noticed that the saw has a left-tilt blade. Does it work well? Is it dangerous?

  • Non-degrading Finish

    I have an exterior handrail made of Ipe (I couldn’t afford to make the rest of the balcony in Ipe). Do you have any recommendations for re-finishing especially with something that will last a season or two?

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