Why a (Flat) Pencil Sharpener?

Could someone give me a logical reason for a pencil sharpener for a flat lead pencil? I learned to sharpen to a chisel edge to mark close to an adjacent edge, and to leave a sharp line.

John Brock: If your current pencil sharpening method works well for you, stick with it. If you find your method has limitations, then explore others. By the way, I sharpen my carpenter’s pencil like you do. I sometimes use a marking knife, too.

Michael Dresdner: I also favor sharpening my lumber pencils to a flat ridge rather than a point. However, there are times when only a point will work, and for those times, I have one of those clever lumber pencil sharpeners. Needless to say, I have a wealth of lumber pencils, all of which carry some company’s logo on their background color. When I need both points at once, I either load my apron with two different colored pencils, or sharpen both ends of one in two different ways.

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