A Tip o’ the Hat to the Trades

The holidays are not yet upon us, but the folks at IRWIN Tools have added another one to the calendar. This Friday, September 16 — the third Friday in September, in future years — they have declared “National Tradesmen Day.”

It’s fitting that this day of recognition falls in the same month as Labor Day, because tradesmen are true laborers, who take pride in the fruits of their labor. As woodworkers, you know what it means to work with your hands, and to complete a physical project that will provide someone with a benefit. In fact, some of you may even be tradesmen yourselves – whether it was in a previous career or one that runs concurrently with your woodworking hobby (busman’s holiday, thy name is woodworker).

Remodelers, contractors, carpenters, and more truly help to build our society. We’re proud to join with IRWIN Tools in granting recognition today to all in the trades.

(And if that’s you, let us know in the comments!)

Joanna Takes
Senior Editor

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Joanna Werch Takes has been at Woodworker's Journal since 1998. Her work includes writing and editing for many print magazine departments, among them the "Stumpers" mystery tool department. Joanna is also a frequent contributor to the Woodworker's Journal eZine. Joanna's previous experience includes work as a newspaper reporter. Her woodworking has consisted of small projects such as toys and a storage box. She is active in the Women of Today service organization.

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