Are We Your Favorite Blog?

November/December 2010 Issue CoverDo you like reading the Woodworker’s Journal blog?

Silly question, isn’t it — since you’re right here reading it.

If, as we hope, it’s among your favorites, you might be interested in a contest going on over at another blog. Gladiator Garageworks is running the “What’s Your Favorite Blog” comment contest through this week (ends Sunday, October 31).

Their blog editors have picked their top 15 favorite blogs — Woodworker’s Journal among them. (Aw, shucks. We’re flattered.)

To enter the contest, you post a link to your favorite blog, or favorite blog post, that fits their criteria, and say why it’s your favorite. (“Woodworker’s Journal blog is the best ever because the editors are wonderful, stupendous, incredibly talented and handsome people who should all be paid at least a million dollars annually” is merely a hypothetical example.*) For entering, you get a shot at being one of five winners of a $10 gift certificate.

Joanna Takes

Senior Editor

*Note: Woodworker’s Journal editors are also not eligible for the Gladiator contest.

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About Joanna Takes

Joanna Werch Takes has been at Woodworker's Journal since 1998. Her work includes writing and editing for many print magazine departments, among them the "Stumpers" mystery tool department. Joanna is also a frequent contributor to the Woodworker's Journal eZine. Joanna's previous experience includes work as a newspaper reporter. Her woodworking has consisted of small projects such as toys and a storage box. She is active in the Women of Today service organization.

One thought on “Are We Your Favorite Blog?

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