August 2011 Issue Preview

June 14th, 2011 by

Our new August print issue, which will be mailing shortly, is packed with tool news and projects that are fit for some good summertime building. If you’d like a sneak peek at what’s coming your way soon, here’s a new video from Chris Marshall and Rob Johnstone that touches on the issue’s highlights. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “August 2011 Issue Preview”

  1. Pieter Minnaar says:

    Gr8 Stuff! Can’t wait!

  2. Wayne M says:

    Wow Some really exciting things to look forward to.

  3. Michael Collins says:

    just like many of our projects in wood, others don’t always fully comprehend the time and effort involved in our project…or a quality product such as your magazine. It truly is one of the best around. I read and re-read older issues waiting for the next installment. Keep up the good work.
    San Diego, CA

  4. Scott Dutton says:

    I have gathered all the materials for this project and will start construction soon. problem is there are some important details left out of the plans.
    1. How does the media center fasten to the base?
    2. There are no measurements given for shelf holes even though the article says there is.
    3. Will it slide out far enough to get to the front center leveling adjuster?
    4. There is no cutting diagram for sheet goods at $101 a sheet for Walnut ply wood I don’t want to waste any.
    Help on these issues would be nice.

  5. Matt Becker says:


    Below are the answers to your questions.

    1. Parts 15 the Heavy Duty slides connect the center section to the base — these slides do not come apart (see the photo on page 38 for how to attach them). The smaller ones under the case do come apart.
    2. They are 1″ apart
    3. There are holes in the center section to allow you to get to the level, but I am pretty sure it does pull out far enough to get to the leveler.
    4. Typically we do not provide cutting diagrams and we don’t have one for this project — sorry.

  6. Scott Dutton says:

    In refrence to the slideout media center how does the carcass fasten to the plinth?

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