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Earlier this week, Marc Spagnolo – AKA. The Wood Whisperer – contacted me and told me of an effort that he helped lead for charity.  He and 67 woodworkers, organized through the Woodworker’s Fighting Cancer charity, built and sold tables to benefit the American Cancer Society. The tables were just super to look at and the result of their effort was an amazing $8,000 donated to the American Cancer Society. As Marc asked me in his email, “How awesome is that?”  My answer: truly awesome indeed.

Fighting cancer is an effort that is near and dear to those of us at the Woodworker’s Journal. About one year ago, my wife of 30 years, Maggie Ward, passed away from a particularly aggressive form of cancer. It was eight months from diagnosis to her passing.  Sadly, and ironically, a year before that, our publisher Larry Stoiaken’s wife – Margaret Mary Carroll – had passed away from ovarian cancer. Both of them were gone too young and left behind a host of grieving family and friends.

So we heartily commend Marc and his fellow woodworkers for the excellent work that they did for a truly good cause. To see a goodwill effort like theirs succeed so well is a heartwarming event. Check out a video of some of the woodworkers and their tables by clicking here.

Rob Johnstone
Editor in Chief
Woodworker’s Journal

Maggie Ward

Woodworker's Journal Editor in Chief's wife, Maggie Ward, and her dog Cullen

Margaret Mary Carroll

Woodworker's Journal Publisher's wife, Margaret Mary Carroll

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  1. Todd Stevens says:

    For Christmas 2005 my Dad ask me if I would build my Mother an entry bench to place at the top of the stairs in their new home. It was something she had been looking for at many flea markets but couldn’t find what she really wanted. I was blessed beyond words to be able to design and build her a bench. Mom was completely blown away and cried like a baby. I had some of the most beautiful Popular I had ever seen and used it. Little did I know that she would soon be told she had cancer and in July 2008 I lost the most special person in my life. That bench still sits in the same place and Dad takes special care of it to this day. Memories and wood last forever. Thank you for this chance to share my story.

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