Many Multi-Tool Options for Woodworking & DIY

February 17th, 2010 by

As a follow-up to Chris Marshall’s sneak-peek at the April 2010 issue, we put together a video showing some of the Multi-Tools and attachments he’ll be covering in the new “Today’s Shop” article.

Matt Becker
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2 Responses to “Many Multi-Tool Options for Woodworking & DIY”

  1. Robert Finley says:

    Long before I had heard of the Fein tool I was given an oscillating multi tool used in a post mortem lab. With a few simple modifications I had my own multi tool. Never thought about selling them. Besides the medical version was quite expensive. Besides, it wasn’t nearly as veratile as the ones on the market now.

  2. Joe Pizzino says:


    I enjoyed your article on the multi-tools in your April issue of WJ. However, you missed a big one; Harbor Freight has a fabulous single speed model fo about $40 and they have reciently introduced a variable speed model at about $50. I originally purchased the Sears Nextec model, but couldn’t resist buying the HF single speed model when I saw it. This model is a heavy duty solid feeling unit and they have a large array of attachments available. My Sears unit is convenient, but the HF unit is a very nice solidly built tool and at a price that you can’t beat. Check it out!


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