September/October 2011 Issue Preview

Our new issue is on its way to subscribers and newsstands everywhere.

If you don’t have your copy yet and you’d like to know what we’ve packed into the issue this time out, this video from Field Editor Chris Marshall and Editor in Chief Rob Johnstone will bring you up to speed.

You can check out a digital version of the issue by clicking here, or you can buy the issue through our online store.

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

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One thought on “September/October 2011 Issue Preview

  1. To : sandor Nagyszalanczy

    I own ( and use ) a B&D superheavy duty sander ( 3×24 ) and is the best tool I have ; it is over 35 years old and continues to operate perfectly . The reason it’s such a great machine is because the motor is in the center and does not permit you to go on edges .
    I also have the Ctraftsman 3×18 , and it is a piece of junk . Since the drive is on the sidfe and there is a big clearance between the belt and the edge of the sander , it tends to go sideways and dig in .
    The DeWalt ( i also have one ) is OK , but heavy , it does a good job and follows the design of the Superheavy duty . \

    Just a comment , hoping B&D or Dewalt revive the old sander design. Porte and Cable ( hand sander has this same concept and is very handy


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