Wood to the Rescue!

February 3rd, 2010 by

As a card-carrying member of the woodworking fraternity (and sorority … no bias here, sister), I have no problem making this general observation – we are a thrifty bunch. No shame to our tendency to stretch a dollar until it snaps, in fact, our penny-pinching ways are a badge of honor to most of us. Perhaps connected to this money saving mania, but perhaps a separate malady of it own, is the fact that we are opposed – perhaps on cellular level – to throwing scrap wood away. The combination of these two traits can lead to some frighteningly large collections of virtually unusable wood … until now!

The Alternative Energy blog offered an option that should appeal to our tight-fisted nature and could reduce those huge piles of scrap:

Wood powered cars.

I am not making this up. Wood powered cars apparently made their first appearance in Europe during WWII, but don’t take my word for it: click here to read for yourself!

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2 Responses to “Wood to the Rescue!”

  1. LD Johnson says:

    My brothers & I went to Japan in the late 40′s & I (was 12 at the time) remenber taking an R&R trip to the mtns with our parents & riding in a pre WWII car converted to run on wood or charcoal had a big burner in the back where the trunk would be. –Luke–

  2. Robert Finley says:

    During WW2 many people in Great Britain burned pig manure to power their cars. The manure gave off methane gas which was routed to the engine. Obviously there were many names for these porker poo mobiles.

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