A Glimpse of Outdoor Projects

A Glimpse of Outdoor Projects

In the last issue, we asked you to tell us about your outdoor projects this year, in the hopes of getting a glimpse of spring after our April blizzard in Minnesota. Some readers obliged. – Editor

“I am building a Margaritaville theme bar/’outdoor summer home for indoor plants’ for my wife.  It features a Margaritaville surfboard with a shark bite out of it, from Bed Bath and Beyond. The rest is rustic looking cedar and an artificial thatch roof.  Have not decided whether the surfboard is the top or the front yet. I also have two stone patios to build off the new decks I built last year. This was a winter project but it was so cold here in Charlotte, North Carolina — it got to down to 18 Above zero and we had four inches of snow — that I could not get these done.  Sorry for the lame humor, but I lived in northwest Illinois and Wisconsin for many years but escaped to North Carolina 30+ years ago.  Hope your spring comes soon, but then you will have to deal with the mosquitoes.” – Keith Wales, Sr.

So true. – Editor

“You ask about current outdoor projects, well, here’s a couple of mine. You didn’t specify they had to be woodworking projects.” – R.L. Hoyle

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