What Adhesive Works Best to Repair a Gun Stock?

What Adhesive Works Best to Repair a Gun Stock?

I have a beautiful Sako Wood gun stock (rifle stock) that has a crack that will require gluing and clamping. I do not know the extent of the crack, but I do know it goes completely through the stock. I suspect it will part and maybe separate the stock into two pieces when the stock is removed. I will not take the stock off until I know the best glue to use. It is a thick type gloss finished stock: I would like to just glue it up with an invisible and very strong glue, a glue that can handle repeated recoil action. All recommendations appreciated. — Nancy

Chris Marshall: If that rifle has sentimental value, I’d find a gunsmith and forego the DIY repair effort. Sometimes experience should prevail to get something done right, and this could well be one of those times. I think that’s especially true if you want to use this firearm again. Once the stock is mended and back to working condition, you’ll probably never look back and regret the cost of getting it done by a pro.

Tim Inman: Epoxy is the only good answer for you. You can find specialty epoxies made for just your kind of troubles available from gunsmith suppliers. They are not “ordinary” epoxies, and they are quite expensive.

That said, whatever glue you use, it will only stick or bond to the surface it touches So, to get a perfect bond, you’ll need a perfect surface. Opening and cleaning those joints is a must. Having your repair end up being both invisible and strong means you’ll have to have clean joints and use great skill as a craftsperson. This might be a job for a professional, unless you’ve had previous experience. If you do decide to have a go at it, practice on scrap pieces first.

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