Adjusting Multiple Euro Hinges?

Adjusting Multiple Euro Hinges?

It is very easy to adjust a door with two 35mm concealed hinges, but how do you get more to work together? In my case, five. – Lyle Pelissier

Rob Johnstone: It is a very good question. The way I would approach it would be to install the top and bottom hinges, leaving the middle three loose. Once the door is aligned, gently secure the remaining hinges in place.

Tim Inman: If I’m understanding your question correctly, I agree with Rob. Set the top and bottom hinges, then “fill in” with the others. Using more than two hinges on one door has some reason other than to make the door work. Two are enough to do that. So, one possibility is aesthetic. More hinges have a “look” that might be desirable. Hidden hinges kind of cancel out that argument, though. So why? One other very good reason to use multiple hinges on one door is to help keep the hinge line straight. This is a very valid reason. The important factor here is to get the hinge pin points exactly in line with each other to assure the door will swing freely. Vertical clearance is irrelevant in this use. So, back to answer 1. Get the top and bottom hinges set right for your clearance needs, then fill in the others to keep the hinge line straight.

Chris Marshall: Well Lyle, you have perked up my curiosity, and I think Tim’s as well. What sort of doors are you making that require five concealed hinges? Please tell us more. Even better, email a picture of your project so we can share it with other readers!


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