Afterglow or No?

Afterglow or No?

Last week, Rob wondered how much elation you feel when completing a project. Your dispositions on the matter vary. – Editor

“Sorry Rob, but I’m with Mary on this one. When I finish a project, I’m as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. Well, most of the time anyway. If, as happens sometimes, it just does not turn out as I have my mind set on, I’m just not as happy as the kid. But since I’m 83, if the project turns out at all I’m happy that I lived long enough to finish it.” – Lowell Taylor

“You didn’t address the fact that different people enjoy different aspects of woodworking (I’ve even heard that a few hapless souls enjoy sanding!). I for one get most of my enjoyment from conceptualizing, designing and error-proofing a project before even starting the woodworking. But then I have to actually do it to produce the ‘memory’ that continues the joy (read Daniel Kahneman on the psychology of joy).” – Peter Fabri

“Well, Rob, not much defining help here. I side with you on no joy on completing a project, just occasionally relief it’s done. However my wife says Mary’s enjoyment is the real normal response! A zero vote here.” – Bill

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