And the Winners Are….

This is the moment you all have been waiting for! The red carpet has been rolled out and potential winners are walking down the scarlet way past waiting paparazzi, decked out in their best Red Wing boots and dungarees.

As you likely remember, to celebrate National Woodworking Month in April I proposed a challenge: send in an image of your recent work for us to share (see the links below) and we would randomly select three folks to receive a woodworking prize. (In this case a $50 gift card to Rockler.)

Without more ado, here are the winners! Nice work!

  • Don Gwinn
  • Herb Brodie
  • David Rust

And to the more than 60 other folks who entered, I want to offer a sincere thanks. It was wonderful to receive your project images and descriptions, and it was inspiring to see the creativity and craft you have displayed. Thanks again!

Thanks again.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Hand Cutting Inlays

Learn how to inlay a simple geometric accent in wood. It is a great way to enhance your projects, and it is easier than it sounds. I inlayed a set of stretched diamonds into a tabletop I made recently, and I used a Shaper Origin to do the work. Now, I’ll show you how to make these inlays by hand.

On-the-fence Blade Height Gauge

Setting blade depth with ruler taped to sacrificial fence

This reader’s trick shows a simple way to set the height of your blade without using anything but your table saw’s fence.

From Our Sponsor

Free Shipping on Orders of $39 or More from Rockler

Take a deep dive into deep pour epoxy! This exciting material has opened its own world of design and finish in the woodworking realm. The MAS deep pour system is specifically designed for molding, encapsulating, and creating deep pour castings, such as those used in live edge river tables and ocean tables. Soak up the video and see what inspires you to mix up a batch.

Video tips for mixing epoxy

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