Another Option for CA Glue?

Another Option for CA Glue?

After using cyanoacrylate (CA) glue in my shop for some 13 years, I have developed an allergy/sensitivity to it and can no longer use the stuff. Is there any other glue out there (other than epoxy that requires mixing) that will bond rapidly? It doesn’t have to be watery like thin CA, it just has to set fast. – Ira Penn

Chris Marshall: I’ve been really impressed with Titebond’s newest PVA glue formulation, called Quick & Thick Multi-Surface Glue. It has a higher solids content than other water-based PVA glues, so it won’t run or drip during application and it sets up quickly. I can’t qualify Quick & Thick to cyanoacrylate glues in terms of strength, but what I will say is that Quick & Thick achieves tack much faster than Titebond Original, II or III formulations. Like these other glues, it’s also nontoxic and dries to a strong, clear bond — even in end-grain situations. When it first came to market a few years ago, we covered it in Industry Interview, and you can read that article by clicking here.

I’m sure Titebond’s technical service hotline (phone: 800-347-4583) can provide more details about it for you. Consider giving Quick & Thick a try as a CA glue alternative.

Tim Inman: CA glue is wonderful. What did we ever do without it? Well, that answer is the answer to your question, actually. Depending upon your project, good old hot brown animal (hide) glue might be your new best friend. It can do amazing and wonderful things. With some practice on your technique and with some “home shop lab” mixing, you can “speed glue” lots of things. Get a strong glue in dry form, and learn to make your own. You can make it extra sticky if you make it yourself. I like to make mine with vinegar instead of water. It lasts forever that way without getting moldy or funky on my bench. Learn about rub joints, veneer hammers, hot-iron veneer gluing. The late Tage Frid is probably the best author I can point you to on this. He kind of “wrote the book” on this – literally.

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