April Issue Uncovered

Despite the snowy prospects here in Minnesota, it’s time to think spring. To that end, we’re happy to announce that the April print issue of Woodworker’s Journal is headed to your mailbox and should be arriving shortly. With any luck, it will bring us all warmer weather and longer days! Here’s a quick look at some of the great new content you’ll find inside:

Newsy Tools: Far be it from us to let you down on the tool front! In this issue, A.J. Hamler rounds up a gaggle of countersink bits and takes a closer look at their particulars. Let’s just say there are a lot of options for sinking screws these days. Betty Scarpino will turn your attention to vacuum chucks in our Woodturning Department and show you how a little suction can get you through some tough scrapes. Speaking of scraping, I’ll introduce you to the new and growing class of multi-tools, which can scrape, cut, sand, grind and practically finish those shop and DIY projects. Very handy and tempting little machines.

New Projects: Frank Grant rolls up his sleeves and takes a stack of white oak to task, by building a handsome Arts & Crafts-inspired Blanket Chest. It’s bound to be a family keepsake. Ralph Bagnall gives his router a whole new workout by “turning” interchangeable pasta sleeves for a custom Rolling Pin. Just wait until you see the jig he builds to get that project done! Rob Johnstone has been busy too—this time sprucing up a built-in cabinet with fresh veneer, updated doors and glass and some smart new hardware in this issue’s “Woodworking for Your Home” offering.

So Much More: “Finishing Thoughts” will provide you with a quick, easy and convincing Stickley Finish for that new Blanket Chest you’ll want to build…and this recipe won’t make you pull on a respirator to apply it. Ian Kirby continues our 2010 Skill Builder series in both the print issue and online with a discussion of the Necessary Workbench. Sandor Nagyszalanczy focuses on those little—but important—details in his article, “Revealing the Reveals.” And, as always, we’ll bring you the latest feedback in Letters, new product news in “What’s In Store” and interesting tidbits from other workshops in Shop Talk. Plus, much more.

So, until those tulips start poking back up, stay warm and keep reading! We think this issue should help stir those creative vernal urges.

Catch you in the shop,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

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