For What Should Bat Maker Use Wood Scraps?

I am a wooden baseball bat maker in Minnesota, primarily sugar maple is the species I spin. The current thing on my mind, other than growing a bat business, is what to do with some of my more dense billets that I cannot turn into a normal bat shape because it would be too heavy of a bat. I am trying to figure out other purposes for the heavier maple wood. I’m interested in any ideas for this wood. They are 2.75″inch x 37″inch long round billets. Most, if not all, are great in quality as far as clarity of wood and straight grains and weigh between 97 ounces and 104 ounces.What I hope to learn is how to utilize this wood for another purpose, sell, or otherwise find some usefulness to cover my expense for this wood. (The heavy stuff is just part of doing business with most wood mills, I have learned.) – Anthony Ingle

Chris Marshall: If you’d rather make some quick money on your turning blanks rather than turning them, how about selling them on Craigslist or eBay? Let the buyer come up with the perfect use for your too-heavy maple. Or, maybe you could convert some into chair spindles, stool legs, banister rails and the like? Fellow eZine readers, what would you all suggest?

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