Beating the Heat

Beating the Heat

Last week, Rob was lamenting about a mid-summer heat wave. Several of you have since shared thoughts about sweltering weather. – Editor

“Yesterday was 110°. I didn’t even go into the shop. It is a metal building with a medium-green tin roof, one window, no A/C. Maybe in late September or October? Trying to stay alive in central Oklahoma.” – RileyG

“As I always say, one can dress for the cold, but not the heat. Take care and stay cool!” – Rick Corbitt

“Usually the term ‘Great White North’ is a reference to Canada. What part of Canada turned 100 degrees? Or 38 degress Celsius, as any person from the Great White North would call it.” – A. Dugas

“A sad tale indeed, but think about the bright side. When I grew up in Minnesota, we threw bales in that weather. I don’t think I’d last 5 minutes these days, and I wonder if town kids still go out and work for the farmers for 35 cents an hour. Love your magazine.” – Doyle Moeller

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