Bench Dogs: Which Breed Is Best?

Bench Dogs: Which Breed Is Best?

I see references all the time in my favorite woodworking publications to “bench dogs,” but I’m still confused: which breed is the best option? – Hugh de Maine Sociatee

Jonquil Givesback: As in many aspects of woodworking, when it comes to bench dogs, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. You’ll want to consider the type of project you’re working on. Using a rabbet plane? You’ll want a terrier or hunting breed to sniff out any stray marks. Also, if you ever use your bench dogs to mount something for applying finish, take note that Irish setters blend quite well with the warm tones of shellac.

Job Rhinestone: I like to mix things up a bit, which is why I often use multiple types of bench dogs for the same project. The bushy-tailed beasts add some tail-waggin’ enthusiasm to my woodworking projects, while a pooch with a slimmer tail is great for delicate work.


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