Best Glue for a Cutting Board

Best Glue for a Cutting Board

What’s the best glue to use for a cutting board?

Andy Rae: It’s best to choose a waterproof not just water-resistant glue. Two-part marine epoxy works very well, as does plastic resin (urea formaldehyde). For ease of use and peace of mind, I’d suggest Titebond’s new Titebond® III, a waterproof, waterbased glue that’s easy to work with, easy to clean up, dries in about an hour, and produces gluelines that hold up under immersion in water.

Michael Dresdner: I agree with Andy that Titebond III is the best choice, but I would not recommend epoxy. Some epoxies will fail with full immersion; not immediately, but over time as water seeps through the wood on either side of the glue line. In marine applications, it is assumed there will be a finish over the adjacent wood, and that makes a world of difference.

Richard Jones: Consider urea formaldehyde (plastic resin), polyurethane or urea resorcinol glues.

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