Best Methods for Dust Collection

Best Methods for Dust Collection

What is the best method of collecting dust from a table saw? I have a Craftsman. I could build a box below or incorporate a port on the blade guard. Which is more effective?

Michael Dresdner: Most of the dust from the table saw goes below the blade, not above it, so a box would be my choice.

Ellis Walentine: Neither is totally effective. Dust coming off the top of the blade can be extremely annoying and is typically finer in size, but by far the greater amount of dust is carried downward by the blade.

For this reason, I’d build an enclosure with a dust port under the saw chassis first. Remember that if your saw is a contractor’s type (with the motor cantilevered out the back), it can be tricky to close off the opening, so your dust collection may be less than wonderful, but it will be better than none at all. You can improve the performance of the dust collection if necessary by providing more CFM (cubic feet per minute) on that branch duct.

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