Best Polyurethane against the Paws and Claws of Dogs?

Best Polyurethane against the Paws and Claws of Dogs?

What is the absolute best oil-based poly floor finish product to hold up against the paws and claws of two very happy, but very big, dogs? Any thoughts on “Swedish” finishes for strength and durability?

Ellis Walentine: I don’t know a thing about “Swedish” finishes, but if you want the most durable polyurethane floor finish, you may want to look beyond oil-based versions. The best floor finisher I know once swore by a catalyzed water-based polyurethane finish, recommending one brand in particular. Sadly, I no longer have the empty can to give you the specifics.

Michael Dresdner: Swedish finishes are crosslinked solvent-based coatings and, as such, are very durable. However, they are also difficult to apply and fairly hazardous to the user and residents because they off-gas components like formaldehyde for months. The good news is that there is now a very safe waterbased floor finish that is every bit as durable and much easier to apply (even a novice can do it with excellent results the first time out). It dries faster, smells very little, and does not off-gas after it is cured, and it is easy to recoat once the dogs get some surface scratches into it. Oddly enough, it is called Danish Finish (nothing like trying to confuse us, eh? Danish, Swedish ? it’s Nordic confusion for certain).

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the stuff costs about $90 for a five liter container (or about $75 per gallon.) Once you get over the sticker shock, call the distributor and they will tell you where you can buy it in your area. Since it is waterbased, it can be shipped safely and inexpensively if you are not near a distributor.

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