Best Waterproof Adhesive for a Wood/Metal Bond?

Best Waterproof Adhesive for a Wood/Metal Bond?

I am trying to glue some decorative steel plating to a walnut exterior door. I can’t use any screw or mechanical attachments, and I need to use some kind of waterproof adhesive. Any suggestions? – Jason Vollmer

Rob Johnstone: You’ll want to use a long-cure epoxy for this project. Make sure you are applying the adhesive to bare wood and to “bare” steel, too (use a solvent to clean the steel to get rid of any residue before applying the adhesive).

Chris Marshall: I agree with Rob on this one. I’ve had good luck attaching thin sheet metal to other substrates like MDF using contact cement, but I wouldn’t trust it for an exterior application like yours. Epoxy is probably the best way to go here.

Tim Inman: Epoxy is a good choice. I’ve also had great results with polyurethane construction adhesives (not the caulks). Before making the final committment, I’d certainly try this on a sample board first!

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