Best Wood Species for Building Picnic Tables?

Best Wood Species for Building Picnic Tables?

What’s the best wood for building a picnic table?

Andy Rae: Any outdoor species, one that weathers well in the weather, will work great. These include walnut, white oak, teak, mahogany, cypress, red or yellow cedar, redwood, ipe and jarrah.

Richard Jones: Teak, if you can get it. Otherwise go for woods that are described as “durable” in timber technology, such as Western red cedar, American white oak, and the more durable European oaks, but not red oaks of any sort.

John Brock: My preference is fir. It holds up well to the elements, is readily available, and not too expensive. Redwood is excellent, too, but it costs quite a bit more. Western red cedar is good as well, but clear stock is very expensive and is too soft for rough use. Both are more insect-resistant than fir.

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