Is There a “Blue Book” for My Old Rockwell Tools?

I have some OLD Delta (Rockwell days) equipment that is essentially original other than for drive belts and such. Where can I go to determine reasonable values for a 14″ band saw; 4″ jointer; floor-mount drill press? All have been in use until 2009 but not abused. These were my father’s, and now they’re mine. They are circa 1940++ – 1951. Only the band saw’s nameplate has been painted over as it was a commercial use one in a “pattern” shop until my Father bought it in 1950. It has a three-speed transmission and I added a riser block for resawing. Original motors for drill press and band saw. Thank you. – John

Chris Marshall: Ah, the beauty of the Internet for searches like this! John, try the Delta Woodworking Tools section at Another source that might be of help in establishing values for your Delta/Rockwell machinery is Good luck, and hope you plan on keeping those classic old tools!

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