How Do You Build Window Frames from Scratch?

I am rebuilding the windows on my shed and have questions about the muntins and the sash construction. I can see from the existing window that the stiles and rails are joined with mortise and tenons The tenon on the stile extends all the way through the rail. Is this typically how a sash is constructed? The window has four panes and the muntins appear to be two pieces joined in the center. I was going to make the muntins using the table saw for the rabbets and rout the detail. Would you explain to me how the muntins are joined together and attached to the sash? – Tom Chadwick

Tim Inman: You need to study architectural millwork. John Feirer would be one author I’d recommend. Roy Underhill is another. Both have good info on architectural construction techniques. If you’re only doing a few windows, I’d probably lean towards Roy Underhill. Good sharp hand tools and a little time developing your skills can save you a ton of time over setting up machines. Feirer’s “Cabinetmaking and Millwork” focuses on machine setups for mass production.

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