Shop Time: Control What We Can

Shop Time: Control What We Can

Last week Rob reminded us that regardless of election outcomes, our shops are still places of calm refuge in unsettled times. Several readers have responded. – Editor

“Oh but you are very naïve. Depending on what happens (in today’s election), tomorrow and every day after could be very different. If nothing is going to change, then why vote? Why even have an election? And I am not being partisan, this is true whatever your or my political leaning. No insult intended but please think about your statement and mine.” – Don Rawls

“I’ve been hiding in my shop for weeks. I’m sick of all the noise and hoopla and dire warnings of the end of our republic. I don’t think so. Even if the ‘wrong’ guy wins, we’ll survive. My closest friend, also my best woodworking buddy, was told by his daughter-in-law that if he didn’t vote for her candidate, he could forget ever seeing his grandchildren again. What idiot would make such a threat? He asked my advice, which was to vote his conscience. If she decides to cut him off from his grandchildren, who love their grandpa dearly, she’ll have to explain why. Crazy. I’m drawing up plans for my next project, which will have plenty of mortises and tenons. Maybe some hand-cut dovetails as well. And Santa’s workshop already has a long list pending. Plenty of time, right? One thing I know will be true tomorrow: no more stupid TV ads and no more nuisance political calls. I’m rejoicing.” – Steve Dragg

“I am re-organizing (or rather, organizing for the first time) my shop and have several table saw blades that I would like to store safely. Any ideas?” – Dave Fogt

“(Your editorial was) spot on as always! I’m just going to hang loose until the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December to see who is going to be in the White House come 20 January.” – Elaine D.

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