Where Can I Get Pictures for Pyrography?

Q: I am wondering if there’s a place on the Internet that I could perhaps download pictures or get a tool where I can print some of my favorite pics so I can woodburn them. – Jenny May Murrin

Joanna Werch Takes: For resources specific to woodburning, you may be able to find some information through the Australian Woodworker magazine, which has a regular department devoted to this topic. Click here for a link to the search results for “pyrography” from a search I did on their site:

If what you need is an outlined image, there are many Internet sources for “coloring pages.”  And the Crayola company now has a program called Lights, Camera, Color which allows you to upload your own digital photographs and then print them out in “coloring page” form with detailed outlines of your image. They do require you to have a code (found in specially marked boxes of 48-count and higher crayons) to print out these images; each code is good for a certain length of time (3 months for the 48 packs of crayons; 6 months for the 64-count and larger).

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