Can You Use a Compact Router in a Router Table?

Can You Use a Compact Router in a Router Table?

I’ve been reading articles on router tables and routers for a while now. But nowhere did I find whether it is possible (and practical) to mount one of the smaller routers in a table. DeWalt has a compact router that comes with a fixed and a plunge base that I think would be perfect for making Bonsai display stands. Or am I beating a dead horse?

– Wally Glasgow

Tim Inman: Sometimes size matters, sometimes it doesn’t. I see no reason why a small router couldn’t be mounted like its big brother. Just remember that “Little Pants” shouldn’t be asked to do what “Big Pants” can do. Remember, too, that just because the little router is little, it shouldn’t be disrespected. It can cut you just like the big one.

Chris Marshall: Not only is it possible to invert DeWALT’s DWP611PK Compact Router for use in a router table, but Rockler has already done it with their Trim Router Table (item 43550). The round acrylic insert plate that comes with it is already pre-drilled to accept DeWALT’s fixed base. Click here to learn more. Or, you could install this router in any router table insert plate you choose by marking and drilling the mounting holes yourself. Go for it! It’s a powerful little router, and used within reasonable limits, it should serve you well in a router table too.

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