Cutting Angle Larger Than Saw

Cutting Angle Larger Than Saw

How can I cut a 45 degree angle in a 10-centimeter thickness of wood when my blade only goes up to eight centimeters?

Michael Dresdner: Use a handsaw paired with a miter box, then clean up the surface if needed with a hand plane. You can build a miter box of scrap wood any size you like.

Carol Reed: You will need a bigger saw. This is a fine time to go tool buying, or find a woodworking buddy with a larger saw and borrow it, with the payment of the beverage of choice.

Richard Jones: It’s not a job for your table saw, obviously. A band saw, if you have one, is a better alternative. Make a cradle that’s at least the length of the band saw table that holds your squared wood with two adjacent faces at 45º to the band saw table. Set the rip fence to cut into the cradle with the blade at the right place and cut a kerf. Clamp the jig to the band saw table and pass your length of wood through the band saw using the cradle. Naturally, if your piece of wood is square sectioned, the kerf in the cradle will intersect the bottom 90º corner.

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