DMT Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers

DMT Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers

Razor-sharp tools are important to both carving and woodturning. Dull edges produce poor cuts, and forcing the tools to compensate for dullness can lead to injuries. DMT can help you keep your collection of both curved and straight-bladed gouges and knives sharp and ready for your next project with its new Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers.

It includes four continuous diamond-surface sharpening products in Fine grit (600 mesh, 25 micron). You get a large, half-round honing cone that’s 8-in. long, with a diameter that ranges from 3/4-in. to 1-1/4-in. There’s also a medium honing cone, measuring 6-in. long with a taper of 3/8-in. at one end and 3/4-in. on the other end. A small honing cone should help hone your tightest-curve tools. It measures 4-in. long with a 1/8- to 3/8-in.-dia. taper. A 2- x 3-1/4-in. credit card-sized flat sharpener is also included, packaged in a vinyl sleeve.

All four of these tools fit in a rugged storage pouch that can be hung or folded for storage.

Sharpening with diamond stones can be done dry or with water. There’s no need for messy oil. Durable construction should provide years of consistent and reliable performance.

Founded in 1976, DMT manufactures a full line of diamond sharpening tools for use in woodworking, outdoor sports, culinary arts, security and industry. Their sharpening products are made in the United States. You can read more about DMT’s history by clicking here.

The DMT Sharpener Kit for Turners & Carvers (item TCKIT-F) is available now for $117.87. Order it through DMT’s online store by clicking here.

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