Do You Like Woodworking?

Rob PortraitIf you’re reading this, I’ll bet I’m on pretty safe ground thinking you’ve got a serious interest in the craft of woodworking. And, because I’ve been around the block a time or two, I am pretty sure that many of you, if you are not pro’s already, have wondered about what it would be like to make a living as a woodworker. (OK… brain surgeons and oil sheiks can stop reading now… The rest of you may read on.) As someone who has done it, I can tell you that, while it is hard work, few things in my life have been as satisfying. I like the smell of wood, I like the feel of it, and I like seeing the results of my efforts come together into a product of value.

Which is why I am writing this blog post. Folks who read our other media will already know about a contest we are running in conjunction with Eureka Woodworks that allows you to submit your name for the chance to win one of their producer partner packages. Their package gets ordinary folks started in their own woodworking businesses making Adirondack style furniture. The value of this package is about $7,000 and it’s a pretty cool deal. I’ve been down to their home office, I’ve taught a class with them and I’ve checked it out. Of course, while no business is a “sure thing,” Eureka’s packages strike me as one of the most complete system for getting started in a woodworking business.

So, are you intrigued by the idea of getting into your own woodworking business? Check out our contest and Eureka’s website. This could be just right for you. Just so you know, the contest is over at the end of June, so if you have an interest, don’t wait around.

Rob Johnstone
Woodworker’s Journal

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