Best Dye for Staining Birch Panel Doors?

Best Dye for Staining Birch Panel Doors?

About 40 years ago, I stained birch paneled doors using “acid base stain,” which was available both premixed and as a water-soluble powder. I can’t seem to find it in paint stores. Where can I get these dyes?

– Lanny Zwan
Belfair, Washington

Though it is not a standard industry term, my guess is that these were aniline dyes, most of which, except for the blue tints, were slightly acidic when mixed. Today we have much better dyes. I’d suggest the Homestead TransFast® powdered dyes, or their Trans-Tint liquid concentrates. Most Rockler stores carry them, or you can get them at

Today’s dye options are an improvement over the past. Available in a wide range of colors, they can be mixed to create even more options.

They are ready to mix with water to whatever intensity you desire, and they come in a wide range of colors, which you can intermix to create even more colors.

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