Out-feed Table for Powermatic 66

Out-feed Table for Powermatic 66

I live in Cyprus so a “pop down to your local store” does not mean the same to me as it does in America. With that as an opening line I am trying to find an out-feed table that I can attach to my Powermatic Gold 66 saw. I have a fairly small workshop and need to have my saw on a mobile base. So I need an out-feed table that will keep true (to the saw and not the floor) even when I move the saw around. If it could be collapsible , that would be another advantage.

Ellis Walentine: I don’t know much about aftermarket out-feed tables, but if you have a Powermatic 66, you’re probably up to the task of fashioning your own out-feed table out of a piece of plywood and a few scraps of lumber. If it were me, I’d screw or bolt a 2 x 2 across the back of the saw cabinet and hinge the plywood to the 2 x 2. You’ll have to work out the dimensions and placement of the parts so it is flush with the saw table when upright. You can make it as fancy as you want. Edge the plywood with a 1 x 2 hardwood drop edge on three sides to keep it stiff. Rout clearance pockets in the plywood for the miter gauge bar.

Regarding the support, you could either hinge a couple struts to the underside of the plywood, much like a card table, or engineer a collapsing 45-degree strut that attaches to a block near the base of the saw.

Michael Dresdner: Try this website. There you will find a collapsible out-feed table extension that will fit any saw and does not have feet that touch the ground. The nice thing about it is that you can buy the table, or just the plans, or both the plans and hardware, in case you’d rather build it yourself. It will also give you a good idea of what you could do on your own if you decide it is easier to design and build one than find one in Cyprus.

Rob Johnstone: I’ve seen several “shop made” out-feed table fixtures featured in various woodworking magazines over the years. One of the better ideas I’ve seen is in the December issue of Woodworker’s Journal “Tricks of the Trade” department (on newsstands now … but probably not in Cyprus). In the shop trick, Ron Watkins uses 1″ square tubing which he mounts to the table saw’s sheet metal body. He then makes a plywood extension table to which he mounts 3/4″ square tubing … which slides perfectly into the 1″ stuff on the saw. Viola! An extension table mounted to the saw.

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