Finding 10-Inch Blades

Finding 10-Inch Blades

I am having a hard time finding 10-inch table saw blades at the home improvement stores. Several suggested I buy a smaller size, such as a seven and a half inch, though I am not sure this is safe.

John Brock:┬áIt’s safe provided the arbor hole is the right size, but you will have limited your depth of cut by one and a quarter inches. The tip speed will also be slower due to the smaller diameter.

Tim Inman: Change stores immediately. A 10-inch blade is the most common table saw blade there is.

Michael Dresdner: While it is true that a 10-inch blade is the most common table saw blade, many home stores cater to those using handheld circular saws, and those typically take smaller blades. If you shop for blades either online or at a woodworking store instead of a home store, I think you will find a very different situation. In any case, do make the effort to get 10-inch blades.

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