Fortress of Solitude

Looking at the world scene these days, I am reminded of the saying, “It is a curse to live in interesting times.” While I am inspired by the grit and will of the Ukrainian people, at the same time, I’m feeling terribly saddened by the suffering and death they are dealing with at present. A few trips around the sun allows you to gain perspective, and the reports from Ukraine help me to view my life’s problems in clarifying light.

At times like these, I confess that I find refuge in my shop. There, my mistakes are manageable, and the illusion of control is easy to find. And while turned bowls and chopsticks will not save the world, they can help make my corner of it a little better. Count your many blessings, one of which is this wonderful craft of woodworking that provides solace in difficult times.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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Gluing parts of a panel together

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