Halloween Shop Projects

Halloween Shop Projects

Last week, Rob shared that he’s spending some shop time with his granddaughter these days and wondered what Halloween projects you might be churning out. Several of you have shared. – Editor

“I knew the day would come when the grandkids would not find us magical anymore. Grace will be 18 next month. Noah was 15 in August. They have their own schedules. Grace drives. Noah plays computer games with his friends. Nowadays, we are just old people. But a while back all of us had fun with projects. The treehouse was their favorite. One side was a castle with princess Grace. The other side was the Black Pearl with captain Noah. There were shop-made swords that knighted grandpa and Noah on a regular basis. The Black Pearl, when I donated it to the young kids two blocks away, had over 100,000 miles in her log. We visited all seven continents and fended off hundreds of pirates with a shop-made canon that fired ping pong cannon balls into the neighbor’s swimming pool. The catapult was not my idea … Noah made me build it. The small bags of mulch that landed on the neighbor’s car did no real damage. A dry towel and a leaf blower and no one ever knew. If you have a woodworking shop and kids or grandkids, take the time to make some magic and enjoy the time together.” – Bruce Adams

Halloween Yard Decorations

“Over the last few weekends, my daughter and I have been going through our scrap-wood pile and making holiday decorations for our yard and for a friend of ours who recently moved to the area. We still have to make a ghost or two and a witch to round out the collection. My daughter is still a little too young for the power tools, but she was very excited to help ‘direct’ the project and apply paint. It has been fun to have her out in the shop with me working on something that she will see for years to come.” – Tom Hanley

Pumpkin-themed figurines

“I have made some of these ‘Pumpkin Folks’ ornaments.” – Ron Chamberlin

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