Hide Glue from Stain Wood Finish

Hide Glue from Stain Wood Finish

How is it possible not to have glue show through stain on wood finish? I always get some spots showing. Is there something you can get to put over the glue before you stain?

John Brock: If you get squeeze-out, leave it alone unless there is so much it is running. If it’s running, use a plastic scraper (like a credit card) to stop the excess. Let the small squeeze-out dry. Then use a metal scraper and sharp angled chisel to cleanup the joints before staining. Another way is to apply sanding sealer (or even finish if possible) before glue-up, a process called “pre-finishing.” I usually just apply sealer (a spit coat of shellac) before glue-up. It makes cleanup much easier.

Cal Brodie: If you don’t clean off the glue prior to staining, you’re going to get glue spots. Some options:

1) Pre-finish before gluing.
2) Learn to glaze artfully over your glue spots to match the surrounding area.
3) Eliminate the glue by sanding or scraping the glued surface more thoroughly. You can identify spots in advance by wetting the surface with alcohol.

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