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By the time you read this missive, I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m attending a national woodworking show — AWFS Fair 2021. Held every two years, AWFS is always interesting, always informative and always scheduled during the unbearably hot Las Vegas summer!

“Prices are so good in Vegas in the summer!” they say. I’m sure the prices for accommodations are even cheaper in one of Dante’s hells, and it might even be a bit cooler there.

Even so, I’m looking forward to talking mask-to-mask with folks from the industry that I have known for years as well as meeting the new up-and-comers. Spending time with woodworkers both in the show booths and walking the aisles is always great. I will let you know in a week if I have survived, but if there’s no editorial in next week’s Weekly, perhaps it’s because I have turned into a melted sticky spot on the Vegas strip. Wish me luck!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Turning a Lamp from Green Wood

Rob Johnstone saves a chunk of wood from the scrap heap and turns it into a lovely lamp. First he takes the box elder to the lathe and then adds the electronics and a lampshade from Rockler.

Figuring Out Figure

Illustration of where to find wood figure variations

As long as wood figure is not obscured by paint or concentrated stain, it will strongly affect the appearance of your project.

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Making rip cuts is one of the most common and useful functions of a table saw. Luckily, this important skill is pretty easy to master. In just a couple of minutes, the Skill Builder video below will take you through the steps to get your ripping right.

Ripping wood with a table saw
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