How to Start a Grinder

I have a double wheel grinder for sharpening my chisels. It works just fine after you give it a turn to get it started. Is there any way to repair it so it starts spontaneously?

Sandor Nagyszalanczy: The electric motors typically used for twin-wheel grinders rely on a capacitor start mechanism that quickly gets the arbor up to speed after the on switch is thrown. When these motors become sluggish spinners, a bad capacitor is usually the culprit. Typically, this capacitor (which is about the size of a large plastic prescription pill bottle) is under a metal housing attached to the outside of the motor housing. Because this capacitor—like all capacitors—stores electricity for a long time, and can render a very nasty, even dangerous, shock, it’s best that you not replace it yourself, but instead take the grinder to a motor repair place. They’ll diagnose the exact problem, which might involve more than just the capacitor, and get your grinder spinning again.

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