Hunkering Down, More Strange Projects

Hunkering Down, More Strange Projects

Last week Rob drew a parallel between our current widespread need to socially distance ourselves and how we woodworkers tend to do that anyway in our shops. A couple of you could relate. – Editor

Just saw your editorial related to COVID-19, and it was awesome! Great job. I shared it on social media as I’m sure many of our builders will concur with you. – Gayle Brantuk

Thank you for your editorial! It was a welcome relief and spot-on! And, if we ever get home from Portugal (currently sitting in a hotel room because of a second cancelled flight), I too will be in my workshop — after doing the income taxes. – Ted Lomatski

Several more readers felt inclined to share their “strangest” projects from a query Rob made in his editorial two weeks ago. – Editor

Here’s my most unusual project: a LEGO®-style toy box for our grandson. The most time-consuming part was applying all the masking tape and spray-painting the four different colors it required. – Ken Kuszynski

It didn’t occur to me to provide a picture with my comment about making bed pan guitars two weeks ago. Here’s a recent one I’ve built; it’s a six string model with a barn-wood (yellow pine?) neck and a black walnut fretboard. – Tom S.

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