INCRA PushGuard Combo

INCRA PushGuard Combo

New from INCRA is a push block that offers improved features in its basic design while adding a benefit other push blocks don’t: a removable clear debris shield. Underneath the PushGuard Combo is a thick 3- x 7-in. rubber pad to provide ample friction against a workpiece. Up above, INCRA has increased the diameter of the handle while also smoothing it all around, and deep ribbing on the sides provide a comfortable, powerful grip. The handle is long enough for two-handed control when necessary, and it is offset slightly from vertical to better align with your shoulder. A gray hand guard surrounds the handle on one side to keep your fingers isolated from a cutter at all times.

The clear deflector shield extends out from the base to help block flying debris, whether you’re using the PushGuard at the router table, table saw or on the jointer.

The shield is removable in situations where clearance to a cutter, featherboard or other obstruction is minimal.

Made in the USA, INCRA’s PushGuard Combo is available online from Incremental Tools for $19.95.


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