Infinity Mini Power Feeder

Infinity Mini Power Feeder

Power feeders have been standard equipment in professional cabinet shops for decades because they improve finish quality and safety for tools like the shaper, table saw and band saw. But full-size feeders are too large and expensive to be used on smaller machines like a router table, or in low-volume applications such as most home shops. The new Mini Power Feeder from Infinity Cutting Tools solves those problems and puts professional results within reach.

The 1/8HP, 110-volt Feeder can be used on router tables, shapers, band saws and other tools that benefit from consistent feed rates and hands-free operation. The motor provides a constant output, variable-speed range of between 6.5 and 56 feet per minute, to feed even large workpieces at whatever speed you choose.

Three spring-loaded polyurethane drive wheels ensure that workpieces will be held securely against the tool’s table and fence without marring the wood surface. An adjustable arm enables the Feeder’s head to be oriented either horizontally or vertically, depending on the application. Feed direction is reversible by flipping a switch.

An included template makes it easy to drill four mounting holes through a tool table for installation. Infinity also offers an adapter plate as an accessory for mounting the unit to a cast-iron table. Available soon, the Infinity Mini Power Feeder (item MPF-001) will sell for $399.90. The adapter plate for cast-iron tables (item MPF-ADP) will sell for $79.90.

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