Is There Milkshake Paint?

Is There Milkshake Paint?

I love chocolate milkshakes. Well, and vanilla, too. I’ve heard of milk paint, but is there a milkshake paint? If there is and I use it for painting my projects, can I drink what’s left in the can? – Skeet R. Stopblock

Tom Outman: Believe it or not, there’s no two percent milk in milk paint these days. But your wife might think you’re the cat’s meow if you paint her a nice project with it.

Job Rhinestone: I gave up milk paint when I realized I was lactose intolerant. Sorry, but guess I’m no help on this one.

Chet Marschel: I could go for a milkshake right about now. Matter of fact, I heard that Shamrock shakes come in four flavors this year! Thanks for the suggestion, Skeet!

Mark Hawkins: Do I know about milkshake paint? Do I ever! McRonalds Finishing Supplies has come out with a new line of Milkshake Paints for Spring 2017. They’re serving them in eight different delightful flavors including chocolate, vanilla, walnut, maple, cool mint, fresh mint, strawberry and shellac. As long as you can keep your piece in a room that’s under 32°F you’ll love the look, texture and taste of these new paints.

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