Joinery Machine Wishes

Joinery Machine Wishes

Last week Rob wondered what joinery tool or tools you’d like to add to your collection sometime soon. Here are your current wish lists. – Editor

“A mortise and tenon machine!” – William Cecil

“I would like to have a Shaper Origin. It might turn out to more of a toy than a tool, but it would be a lot of fun. I am a CNC programmer in the aerospace industry, so I always strive for perfection in my woodworking as well, and I find it frustrating when it is not perfect. The Shaper looks like it would let me dial in my joinery to be perfect. Or at least to strive for that perfect joint and have fun in the process.” – Randy Hays

“If I could have one tool added to my humble little shop to improve my joinery, it would be a dovetail/box joint jig.” – Ed DeMott

“I’m going to add an Axiom Elite 8 to my collection of tools and do dadoes with it, along with my two Festool Dominos!” – Dennis Young

“Right now I wish I had a Leigh Industries Pro Mortise Tenon Jig. I do own a Festool Domino machine, but I like the capabilities of the Leigh for the larger projects that I seem to be building more of lately.” – Jim Annino

“I had the answer to this before I knew the question. Just today I received a RIKON benchtop mortising machine. I’m working on a project that requires almost 100 mortises, and many of the pieces are too small for even the smallest domino. So facing the prospects of drilling and then hand-chiseling this many mortises convinced me that I needed a mortising machine. My wife, on the other hand, was not at all convinced and now I’m in the dog house. Hopefully it will have been worth it in the long run because I can see a revenge shopping trip in her future.” – Charley Robinson

“I’d have to say a Leigh RTJ400 router table jig for dovetails. I have been cutting dovetails by hand, or if I need to do a large quantity, I’ll use a combination of my router table and table saw. I cut the pins on the table saw and rout the tails. I need a better way to do production runs, and I think that the RTJ400 would help speed up my work. I use my router table a lot more than freehand routing, so most jigs do not interest me. The RTJ may be the answer. I know it technically isn’t a machine, but this will likely be my next addition.” – Randy Profeta

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