What Will You Learn Next?

What Will You Learn Next?

In response to Rob’s inquiry last week about what new things you’d like to learn next in your woodworking hobby, here’s what several have shared. – Editor

“I’ve tried just about every type of woodworking except for turning. I’ve debated for years about whether I should buy a lathe. I keep pretty busy working on other projects, but turning has always fascinated me. I just don’t know if I want to spend the money on a lathe and all of the accessories that go along with it. I should probably decide pretty soon, because I’m not getting any younger!” – Carol Johnston

“I have a little single-car garage, and in July I am going to have a ‘L’-shaped garage built. I will be challenged to set it up so I can actually do things in it.” – Dave Phelps

“I am trying to get better at using hand planes.” – Rudy Gonzalez

“I’m getting old. It is time I learned how to build a small deck with a wheelchair ramp off of it — just in case.” – RileyG

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